#CreativeCoventry – Let’s show the world what we’ve got!


As part of Curating Coventry’s celebration of visual arts in the city, we are running a campaign until 31st October 2017, to show off the city’s creative talent. So this is a call out to all artistic people in Coventry – why not show the world what you’ve got?

Whether you are a full-time working artist, an art student or simply someone taking on a new artistic hobby – the next time you upload a piece of your artwork to either Twitter or Instagram, include the hashtag #CreativeCoventry to make your work easy to find.

Then lets share the creative love, and explore and appreciate each other’s work.

In doing this, we aim to help increase exposure for you as an artist and help to showcase your talent to a wider audience.

Curating Coventry is also on Facebook – we’d love you to post your work on our wall for us all to enjoy and share in our ‘Creative Coventry’ album https://www.facebook.com/CuratingCoventry/

We’re not here to judge people’s work – we’re just on a mission to celebrate creativity. So if you are new and just starting out, don’t be shy. We’d love to see your art.

You could be a painter, photographer, digital artist or textile artist. A sculptor, a ceramicist, a filmmaker or an illustrator – no matter what your artistic medium is – get involved and show off your talent. We really want to see the fresh talent from students in Cov/Warks as well!

With Coventry making the shortlist for the 2021 City of Culture, what better time is there to be championing the city’s creativity?

Let’s show the world what the artistic talent Coventry has!


P.S – you can also find us on:

Twitter: @CuratingCov

Instagram: @CuratingCoventry


One thought on “#CreativeCoventry – Let’s show the world what we’ve got!

  1. Recently myself and Russ Berry were chosen to represent the city for the Coventry Cork Poetry Exchange. We’ve both written blogs about our trip to Cork – headlining poetry gigs and meeting the mayor of Cork. As a CultureRep for Cov21 we talked about the bid – Cork was European City of Culture in the noughties. Want to know more? Let me know. X Andrea Mbarushimana


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